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  • James Mack Sutton

Introducing WebPelago

Webdesign isn’t what it used to be, it’s much, much better. In fact, the website and graphic design world is the most exciting and diversified it has ever been in the history of mankind. Do you understand what I’m saying? We’re living through the most advanced version of it… And it’s just the beginning.

That said, It doesn’t matter where you start, so long as you do... and here we are!

What we're planning?

In short... Big things! Designing the website was the easy part. Now its time to start snowballing this company into something bigger. We have our targets set and a comprehensive check list to knock-out in the early stages. We'll start with the basics of SEO, then shift into advertising, market partnering and content development. As the company grows, so will our services to customers.

What are WebPelago services so far?

WebPelago is a company that currently offers website design, ecommerce solutions, logo creation and google PPC management. We plan to grow quickly and add on services such as: website management, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing (SMM). In the meantime, check out some of our core services below:

Website Design

Web design is our main focus right now at WebPelago. It's what we love to do! Creativity and design are always going to be the cornerstones of our company. We love learning about your services, products, strategy's and obsessions and we want to help you give it a presence online.

We believe that the launch of a new website is where the dream actually begins and the vision starts to take shape. It's the first way customers learn more about you, your ideas and why you stand out from the rest. Websites are the main platform for a business to become something bigger and to get their services or products to others. That's why it's always going to be our passion and primary service.

Ecommerce Design

If you need an online store, we got you covered. Like we said before: "websites are our main focus". From products and services, to online courses and memberships, we have what it takes to get your ideas to customers and look good while you do it.

To top it off we use Shopify as our main ecommerce design platform. There's a reason its one of the largest web design tools for online storefronts. It has beautiful themes, powerful apps/plugins, and it's super easy-to-use. Let's just say, Shopify is excellent for just about any entrepreneur who wants to start selling a product.

Logo Design

What's the first image a person thinks of when they hear the name of a company? That's right, it's their logo or more specifically their brand. We offer custom hand-crafted logos as a way to make your business stand out form the crowd.

Google Advertising (PPC)

An easy way to get found online quickly is Google adverting or (PPC) for short. Yes, it's consider "pay to play" but what's better than ranking at the top of google for that one product or service you want to sell? That one thing that brings in a good return on investment. Not much! So let us help you get found online using Google PPC and a budget that makes sense for you.

Who we want to work with.

We are incredibly passionate about our work and love collaborating with the go-getters of the world. We want both the calm and calculated client and that high intensity level client. The ones that want to catch lightening in a bottle and turn it into more. We want to hear about your passion, come up with a solution, discuss the steps and execute the plan.

Our goal is always going to be to help you start and then grow in the direction you choose.

If your looking for a website designer, logo for a brand or help advertising? Contact us today and we will get you started on the next journey. We would love to hear from you!


Mack Sutton

Owner of

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